What is Lapel Pin?
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What is Lapel Pin?

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What is Lapel Pin?

Lapel pin is an ornament, which is inserted into the collar of the suit to ensure that the collar is straight, the style is diverse. It is small but exquisite, and has a strong decorative effect. Most of them are made of metal, the shape usually be rectangular, round, and rhombus. They can even be made into cartoon animals, plant leaves and other shapes, which can show the noble, elegant, mature and stylish quality of men.


Men need to decorate themselves with some little trinkets, and the subtleties can make a good impression on others. Different styles of the lapel pins can bring you a different personality. A small embellishment is the perfect display of men's details. A gold cross lapel pin can well show one's taste for fashion.

Lapel pin badge is not only a highlight of the collar, but also a personality totem on the collar. It is also a perfect display of the details of the man. When you pay attention to the tie and the scarf, please don't forget this little lapel pin on the collar.  You can choose button lapel pin or mens gold lapel pin for your loved one.

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Lapel pin history

As a decoration, the history of lapel pin is unclear, but it is certain that it is earlier than the suit, although it is used to decorate the suit.

Modern suits were formed in the mid-19th century, but in terms of their composition and wearing habits, its history can be dated back to the Louis XIV era of the second half of the 17th century.

As for lapel pin, it can be traced back to Europe in the Middle Ages. The time when the British arrived in Britain was first in 787 AD. They bypassed northern Scotland, landed in Ireland, and settled in the area. They made a living by the tributes of the local residents. In 815, they established their own kingdom in Ireland, and set its capital in Dublin. At that time, the English men's standard dress was a knee-length coat and trousers, and a cloak was put on the outside fixed with a enamel lapel pin. Women wore long skirts over the knees, and the outside was also a cloak. Women's decorations included rings, amulets, necklaces and even headwear. Therefore, the history of lapel pin is largely related to the aristocracy’s wearing.

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In China, there is such a passage in the book "Restore History: What is History?"

"At the end of 1945, after the Soviet Red Army who occupied Shenyang seized the Puyi, they found a large number of "Northeast goods" in the collection of the Manchurian Palace in Changchun. Puyi put some of the most valuable jewels in the mezzanine of the carry-on small suitcase. When he was caught, he was still with the small box.

Pu Yi became a war criminal and was taken to the former Soviet Union for custody. The cultural relics he carried with him were also confiscated and handed over to the staff of the Fushun War Criminals Administration. At the end of 1947, the People's Liberation Army took over the area and Fushun Prison, and also controlled those cultural relics.

The batch of cultural relics remained in Fushun. Until 1964, Zhou Enlai issued an administrative order to transport these artifacts (245 pieces) back to the Forbidden City in Beijing. These include the Sanlian Huangchaozhang used by the Emperor Qianlong, the Xiaoyuyu of the Six Dynasties, and the precious ornaments of the Queen Longyu and Empress Dowager Cixi (including white gold and diamond ring, white gold and sapphire ring, tourmaline 18 bracelet, coral 18 hand) String, gold diamond lapel pin, etc.). "It can be judged that lapel pin has already appeared in the Qing Dynasty, and most of them are aristocratic decorations.


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