What Is the Craft Process of Embroidery Patches?(One)
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What Is the Craft Process of Embroidery Patches?(One)

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What Is the Craft Process of Embroidery Patches?

Embroidery patch can be used to make up small holes and stains on the clothes, and can also be ironed or sewn on the favorite fabrics as a fashion item. A simple but beautiful small embroidery patch can add much charm to your clothes and your temperament.

The first step: designing a pattern or drafting a sketch.

It should be a picture, a photo or a previously made badge, and it can be copied on the machine. For the reproduction of embroidery badge, the sketch does not have to be as precise as the finished product. We just need to know the idea or sketch, the color, and the required size. But this copying work requires people who have some embroidery knowledge and the ability to operate the machine.

Step 2: Enlarge the design pattern into a 6-fold larger technical drawing. 

Under the guidance of this enlarged view, the version of the embroidery machine will be printed. The lofting master should have the skills of an artist and a graphic designer. Knowing the type and color of the thread used on the drawing, and consider some of the requirements put forward by the pattern maker.

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Step 3

It is the turn of the pattern maker to use a special machine or computer to print the version. There are many ways to guide this specialized machine: from tape to disc. Today, all kinds of pattern-making tapes can be easily converted to any other format regardless of its previous version.

At this stage, the human factor is the most important. Only those skilled craftsmen who are highly skilled can be designers. People can verify the patterning tape by various means. For example, on a shuttle machine, a proofing machine that can make samples can let the pattern maker keep watching the embroidery being embroidered. When using a computer, the sample is only made when the pattern is actually tested and cut on the prototype. Therefore, the pattern maker should be cautious all the time.

Step 4

Spread the appropriate large fabric patch on the frame, put the appropriate line, plate or disc into the tape reader, place the frame at the correct starting point, and then start the machine. The computer-controlled automatic color change device should stop the machine to automatically change color and needle when the pattern needs change. This process does not end until the embroidery task is completed.

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Step 5

Remove the fabric from the machine and lay it on a countertop for trimming. In the embroidery process, in order to speed up the embroidery of the individual parts without piercing the needle through the fabric or floating needles due to color change, cut them down and take the badge away. This is called “manual cut” on the shuttle, but on the multi-head machine, whether it is during the embroidery process or not, they are cut together.

The badges embroidered on the shuttle are not laid on the table, but a part of the badge cut directly from the fabric by hand, and the other part is still attached to the fabric. The float line on the entire embroidered badge patch is trimmed by a thread trimming device. This is a time consuming job.

An automatic thread cutter can be selected on the multi-head machine to speed up the process. When the embroidery is in progress, the thread can be trimmed, so that no manual thread trimming is required, which greatly saves time.

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