What Is a Embroidery Patch?
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What Is a Embroidery Patch?

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What Is a Embroidery Patch?


Embroidery patch refers to a piece of fabric with embroidery pattern that is designed in the picture by computer. The embroidery machine embroiders the pattern on the fabric, and performs some sorting and modification of the fabric, and finally makes it. When finished, it can be used on clothes and shoes, upholstery and work clothes as decorations, and the embroidery patch is a kind of clothing accessories.

The raw materials used in the embroidery patch are mainly embroidered thread and fabric, because their match plays a vital role on the final pattern effect, so how to choose the fabric according to the graphics to achieve the desired effect, it depends on the accumulated experience and industry knowledge of the company. 


Different from traditional embroidery, embroidery patch is easier to match with the clothes, and the finished clothing can also be attached with embroidery to achieve the effect.

\embroidery patch


Based on the improvements on traditional embroidery, such as the small order quantity and the complexity of the production process, the high price, and the single improvement of the clothing processing. Custom embroidery patch appears,it is more suitable for the company's clothing costume logo, clothing trademarks and so on.

The appearance of the embroidery patch is beneficial to the troubles caused by the various styles of the clothing, but unable to reach the minimum order quantity of the production. In the transportation, it is not necessary to transport the whole batch of garments to the factory for processing, which also greatly saves the freight expenses. . 


Different from the traditional embroidery process of computer embroidery, the embroidery patch is more convenient for mass production. in the production process of traditional craft embroidery, the volume of machine tool depends on the placement of the piece, but the DIY embroidery patch has no such restraint of the pieces. The number of embroidery patches is typed on a limited bottom fabric in duplicate form to maximize production.

embroidery patch

Type of embroidery patch 

Embroidery patches can be divided into non-adhesive embroidery patches and adhesive embroidery patches. Firstly, cutting or hot cutting embroidery into pieces on the basis of traditional computer embroidery practices. and then hot-melt adhesive on the back, thus the production of the embroidery patch is basically completed.


1: No adhesive embroidery patch, use the sewing method to fix the edge part of the embroidery patch to the position required by the clothing.

2: Adhesive embroidery patch, fix the embroidery patch at the position required by the clothing, and then heat it by a pressing machine or an iron until the adhesive is fused with the clothing fabric.

The adhesive embroidery patch is not easy to fall off in the case of wearing or normal washing. If it falls off after repeated washing, just re-attach the adhesive and re-press the composite.

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