What Do You Know about Athletics?
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What Do You Know about Athletics?

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What Do You Know about Athletics?


Athletics is the full name of the field race, track race and all-around competition. The modern athletics has different classifications, including walking, running, jumping, throwing, and all-round sports consisting of running, jumping, jumping, and throwing. Sum to more than 40.

In the track and field sports, the time-calculated project is calledtrack race, and the project scored by height or distance is called field race, the all-around sports project is calculated according to the scores of the track and field sports score table for each individual score.

World history

In the ancient times, in order to obtain the means of subsistence, in the struggle with nature and animals, people had to run , jump over obstacles, throw stones and use various hunting tools. These repeated movements in labor made them master the skills for walking, running, jumping, and throwing. With the development of society. People consciously take walking, running, jumping, and throwing as forms of practice and competition.


In 3500 BC, ancient Egyptian murals depict scenes of track and field. The athletics originated from the ancient Olympic Games in ancient Greece. The earliest athletics was held in the first ancient Olympic Games held in the Olympic Village of Greece in 776 BC. There was only one project - short distance race, the runway was a straight road, with 192.27 meters long. At the 10th Olympic Games in 708 BC, long jump, discus, javelin and other field events were officially involved. At that time, only men were allowed to participate, and the women could not even watch it. The violator were sentenced to death. Since then, athletics has been one of the official competitions. In 490 BC, it was said that the Greek soldier Philippidis had been running from the Marathon City to the city of Athens, with a span of about 40 kilometers, in order to report the good news that the Greek army defeated the Persian army. When he ran to Athens, Philippidis died exhausted. To commemorate him, the descendants founded the marathon race.

In 1894, the modern Olympic organization was established in Paris, France. In 1896, the first modern Olympic Games was held in Greece. In this Olympic Games, the athletics such as walking, running, jumping and throwing were listed as the main competitive events of the competition.


In 1928, at the ninth Olympic Games in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, the women's track and field competition was added for the first time. At that time, there were 95 women athletes participating in the competition.

In 1964, the minimum calculation unit for fully automatic electronic timing reached 0.1 seconds.

In 1968, American Jim Hines became the first athlete in history to run into the 10-second mark at 100 meters. Dick Fosbury has revolutionized the new pose of the high jump "back style jump" . At the same time, the synthetic field track was used for the first time in an international competition.

In 1983, the first World Athletics Championships was held in Helsinki, Finland.

The Olympic Games held every four years is the driving force of continuous improvement of track and field performance training methods. Many excellent athletes have been training hard in these four years to win the Olympic gold medals,Olympic silver medals and Olympic bronze medals and their advanced technology and training methods were popularized through The Olympic Games.

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