What Are Four Famous Embroideries of China(2)?
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What Are Four Famous Embroideries of China(2)?

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What Are Four Famous Embroideries of China?

In the last passage, we introduced about su embroidery and Yue embroidery, in this passage, we will introduce another two kinds of embroideries.

Shu embroidery

Shu embroidery, also known as "Chuan embroidery", is a general term for Sichuan embroidery products centered on Chengdu. The history of Shu embroidery is also very long. According to the records of the Huayang Guozhi in the Jin Dynasty, the embroidery  was very famous, and the embroidery was juxtaposed with the Shu brocade, which was regarded as a local specialty. There are relatively few pure ornamental products in Shu embroidery, and most of them are daily necessities. The embroidery pattern were mostly flowers, birds, insects, folk auspicious sayings and traditional ornamentation. People embroidered patterns on quilts, pillowcases, clothes, shoes and screens. In the middle and late Qing Dynasty, Shu embroidery absorbed the strengths of Gu embroidery and Su embroidery based on local traditional embroidery techniques, these innovative acts made Shu embroidery became one of the important commodity embroidery in the country. The embroidery needles are neatly arranged, flat and bright, the silk path is clear. The edges of the pattern are neat and the color is beautiful.

embroidery product

There are many kinds of Shu embroidery works, including quilts, pillowcases, clothes, shoes and picture screens. Which are beautiful works with both and practical characteristics. In today's embroidery works, there are both large screens and small objects, the embroideries are applied in both high valued ornamental products and ordinary consumer goods. China attaches great importance to the protection of intangible cultural heritage. On May 20, 2006, Shu embroidery was approved by the State Council to be included in the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage. On June 5, 2007, determined by the Ministry of Culture, Hao Shuping of Chengdu, Sichuan Province was appointed as the representative inheritor of Shu embroidery, and she was included in the list of 226 representative inheritors of the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage projects.

Xiang embroidery

Xiang embroidery is a general term for embroidery products centered on Changsha, Hunan. In the 1912 Italian Turin Exposition and 1933 Panama International Exposition, Xiang Embroidery won the Best Prize and the First Prize respectively, it was praised as a super embroidery by foreign countries. Originally, in order to satisfy a group of upstarts who had made a fortune in suppressing the Taiping army, the merchants in Changsha City opened the "Gu Embroidery" .The characteristic of Xiang embroidery is that it is embroidered with velvet thread (no velvet thread). In fact, the wool is treated in solution to prevent fuzzing. This kind of embroidery is called “wool fine embroidery”. Xiang embroidery also uses Chinese painting as its theme. Its form is vivid and realistic, and its style is unconstrained. It has the reputation of “embroidered flowers produce fragrance, embroidered birds can listen to sounds, embroidered tigers can run, embroidered people can express themselves”. this saying reflects the realism of Xiang embroidery to a degree. The color matching characteristics of Hunan embroidery humanities paintings are mainly dark gray and black and white, and elegant and ink paintings. The colorful colors of Xiang embroidery daily necessities are more decorative.

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