What Anniversary Souvenir Should be Given to Employees?
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What Anniversary Souvenir Should be Given to Employees?

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What Anniversary Souvenir Should be Given to Employees?

Nowadays, enterprises pay more and more attention to humanistic care. They want to give corporate gift to employees or for clients to express their sincere concern for employees. However, here comes the problem. What kind of gifts are good corporate gift, and what kind of gifts are meaningful?

What gifts will employees like? In fact, there is no need to send anything precious. The things we often use in our lives are good choices. Together with the company's LOGO, or the name of each employee, these little changes will make everyone feel particularly warm and meaningful.

It is not difficult to produce such an effect. How to choose gifts for employees can be considered from the following aspects. 

1. In line with the company's actual situation and be characteristics

Employee attributes of each company are different. Some companies have more women, and some have more men, we can purchase corresponding gifts according to the company's specific attributes. In addition, what are good gifts for employees? Gifts issued each year should be different. This year, a lunch box was issued, and a vacuum flask could be considered next year. This time, a four-piece suit is issued. next time we can consider sending a quilt . At that time, each employee uses the products issued by the company. The intimacy is self-evident, and the employee's recognition of the company can be strengthened.

2. Be practical and close to life

Although no matter what gifts the company sends to employees, employees will be thankful, but what gifts will make them satisfied and happy? If the gift is not good enough, it will be thrown aside. Employees are even unwilling to take it home. Therefore, the grade of the gift should be higher, so that the employee will cherish it, and feel the care from company. So we should choose the gifts that are practical and close to life, such as home textiles, kitchen utensils personalized metal keychains and so on,otherwise it will be forgotten in a corner sooner or later.

Greeting cards

3. Custom-made and full of corporate culture

Through the special gift custom manufacturers, the company's LOGO, values and other corporate elements are customized on the gifts, which are more personalized and have a unique custom. When employees use the corporate gift with logo , they will have a deepen understanding of corporate culture gradually.

Recommended list

Greeting cards: greeting card is a necessity, it doesn’t matter in the electronic form or written form, but it is better to have an autograph of the president of the company on it, which shows that the company attaches importance to employees.

Gift: You can customize a batch of commemorative coins (small ones that can keep value), pens (carve employee's name and entry time on it), badges (simple and novel style), vacuum cups and other practical daily necessities, of course. If the budget is not enough, you can buy him a small cake on the anniversary day, and let his department leader give him the cake.

commemorative coins

Form: In addition to giving gifts on the anniversary day, you can also issue trophies and certificates to employees on important occasions such as the annual meeting. It will enhance their sense of honor and pride under the witness of other employees.

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