Types of Key Chain
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Types of Key Chain

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Types of key chain

Couple keychain

Couple keychain is the latest development of zinc alloy jewelry, it is a good craftsmanship for business promotion or personal present. The back side can also be added with laser logo, or personalized picture.

Product use: corporate brand promotion, new product promotion, tourist attractions, souvenirs, school souvenirs, advertising and other commemorative promotional items.

Car keychain

The cute keychains for car keys are the newly developed zinc alloy automotive product, such as ford keychain, mustang keychain,toyota keychain and so on. The surface is rust-proofed by dripping or plating with rare metal. It is a beautiful gift for the car owner from 4S shop.

Product use: corporate brand promotion, new product promotion, souvenir and other industry commemorative promotional gifts for client.

Crystal keychain

The material and craftsmanship of crystal and cast steel are exquisite and durable, which is very popular among young people. The exquisite shape is very attractive to the little girls. it is also a very good ornament in summer.


Solar keychain

The solar flash keychain is the latest development and production of solar energy products, applying the power supply principle of low-light amorphous silicon solar cells to make high quality LCD flashing light. It is also a craftsmanship for brand promotion and novel gift to the lover. The shining light displayed on LCD is full of fun and technology.

Product Usage:

Corporate branding, new product promotions, tourist attractions, souvenirs, and school souvenirs. Commemorative promotional materials for the opening of hotel and hotel buildings and banking, telecommunications, network, insurance, post and telecommunications, communications, railway, aviation, shipping, advertising and other industries. The front side is flashing on one side and the back is laser paper.

Static electricity deduction keychain

The functional electrostatic keychain is a keychain with the function of removing static electricity for daily life such as the human body, automobiles, computers, and household appliances. Use the keychain to touch with the objects carried static electricity to remove static electricity.

Product Features

Wide: It can eliminate all static electricity in daily life such as human body, automobile, computer, metal objects (excluding industrial static electricity).

Fast: Eliminating static electricity only needs 0.2 seconds to 0.3 seconds.

Complete: It can completely eliminate static hazards.

Safety: No toxic and dangerous effects, it is an absolutely safe and environmentally friendly products.


1. Touch the elliptical touch button with your thumb, no need to put too much strength.

2. Use the conductive material of the product head to contact with the conductor (such as: car, human body, computer, iron railing, metal object, etc.) for discharge. The LCD screen pattern will be completely displayed when discharging.

Note: If you want to verify whether the function of the product is effective or not , please touch the ordinary TV screen or the computer screen to check, it is more obvious when opening and shutting down. The keychain is implanted with LCM module, and is display by driven LCD pattern , no battery is needed, and it can be used for a long time.


 There are also many styles of keychains, such as custom keychains metal, sailor moon keychain,kawaii keychains and so on.

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