The Meaning of Different Color Ribbons
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The Meaning of Different Color Ribbons

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The Meaning of Different Color Ribbons

A ribbon is a flexible material that is usually made of cloth material but can also be made of plastic or metal materials. The general purpose of the ribbon is to bundle the object and use it as a decoration for the gift. It can also be used as a commemorative or symbolic role. People around the world also use ribbons on hair, body, and even pets or buildings. Ribbons of different colors represent different meanings. As a good decoration, custom ribbon with logo is a good promotional gifts also.

The blue ribbon--- gratitude, encouragement, care and love

A high school teacher in New York City - Haylis. Ms. Bridger has launched a small-scale "Blue Ribbon Praise Action" in the form of homework. Every American can get a blue ribbon she designed with "who I am makes a difference". It means that I can create some value for this world. The Blue Ribbon Movement helps people discover their value by giving and receiving blue ribbons. 

The blue ribbon can also be used as an expression of "supporting freedom of speech on the Internet." In 1996, U.S. President Bill Clinton was about to sign a telecommunications bill, which restricts freedom of expression on the Internet. For countless network families, this will be a control that restricts freedom of speech and freedom of new knowledge. Therefore, many netizens have blackened their homepage background as a protest, and many Homepages have blue ribbons to support online freedom of speech. Therefore, the Blue Ribbon can serve as an expression of "supporting freedom of speech on the Internet." 

blue ribbon

White ribbon---reject violence and care for women

The white ribbon Campaign is a Canadian men's campaign to end men's violence against women. The cause was a violent dissatisfaction with the women's movement and outstanding female students on December 6, 1989. He shot and killed 14 young engineering female college students. A group of Canadian men hope that society can learn from this tragedy and feel that men should not remain silent on women's violence, so they launched a white ribbon campaign to gather more men to stop women's violence.

One meaning of the white ribbon in the medical field is the protective name for vitiligo patients and a symbol of vitiligo patients. Although vitiligo patient suffers from misfortune, each of them is like a white ribbon,they don't give up in any predicament and fly in the wind bravely. 

blue ribbon

Black ribbon---deep mourning

Black ribbons are ideological ribbons that usually represent silence, sorrow, or some political party or political inclination. It can be roughly divided into the following three types: stopping terrorist acts and representing "seeking" or commemorating those who died.

The black ribbon appeared on the commemorative stamp issued in Spain in 2004. At about 7:45 am on March 11, 2004, a series of terrorist bombings occurred in four trains in the Spanish capital Madrid. This killed 202 people and injured more than 1,800. To mourn the victims of this horrific incident, Spain Post issued a stamp with a black ribbon on April 1, 2004. 

Ribbons of different colors have different meanings, but they all convey our common love and blessings. Follow us for more knowledge and products on ribbons.

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