The Concept of Commemorative Coins
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The Concept of Commemorative Coins

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The Concept of Commemorative Coins

The commemorative coins are legal currency issued by a country to commemorate the important events in international or national politics, history, culture and other fields. Also, it can be designed for outstanding figures, places of interest, rare animals and plants, sports events and so on. It includes ordinary commemorative coins and commemorative coins made of noble metal. The quality of commemorative coins is divided into two types. One is general coin, and the other one is refined, both of which is issued with limited quantity.

Common commemorative coins can be circulated, but noble metal commemorative coins as well as bitcoin commemorative coin cannot be circulated. The Commemorative coins of China are specially designed and manufactured by China Banknote Printing and Mint Corporation and the legal tender is issued by the people's bank of China. The commemorative coins are usually issued to commemorate the major events in politics, history, traditional culture and other things of special significance in China. Common commemorative coins have the same functions as the RMB which are currently circulated and they can circulate with the same denomination. 

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Characteristics of the Classification

The nature of the Commemorative Coins 

The commemorative coins are legal tender, which can be divided into noble metal commemorative coins and common commemorative coins. 

The noble metal commemorative coins include the coins made of  gold, silver, platinum, palladium and other kinds of noble metal or its alloy, which have a wide range of themes. What’s more, the ornamental value is unlimited. Additionally, the noble metal commemorative coins are mostly issued in sets. The shape of coins also has a large variety. For example, there are round coins, square coins, colorful coin and so on. In addition, the denominations of the commemorative coins have 5 jiao, 5 yuan, 100,000 yuan and so on. However, the price of this coin is generally dozens or hundreds of times of its denomination. Therefore, denominations are only monetary symbols which are only symbolic and do not indicate their true value, so they cannot be circulated and are not recorded in the cash flow of the market. 

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The common commemorative coins include ordinary metal commemorative coins and commemorative banknotes.

Ordinary metal commemorative coins are divided into ordinary coins and refined ones. Ordinary commemorative coins are mainly designed and minted with the theme of major events, festivals, anniversaries and rare animals at home and abroad. It is a legal tender issued by the state that can be circulated which also has commemorative significance. Ordinary commemorative coins have the same functions as the RMB and circulate with the same denomination. 

However, commemorative coins in circulation are not only pure currency, but also the currency specially issued to commemorate an important event. Therefore, it must have commemorative significance.

In the choice of theme, circulated commemorative coins highlight the key. In terms of the subject, it highlights historical events, outstanding people and realities which are especially important. These commemorative coins also come into a series, such as the series of the great man, which reflects the economy and culture of China from one side.

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