Something about Metal Badges
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Something about Metal Badges

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Something about Metal Badges

The metal badge is a type of badges. It is generally made by stamping, die-casting, and biting. The surface of the badge can be plated with gold, ancient gold, ancient silver, nickel, etc. The metal badge has the advantages of simple and smooth lines, uneven pattern. and the surface color process such as baking varnish, enamel and printing can be used to make the product more abundant. Gold and silver badges are the most expensive, followed by copper badges, zinc alloy badges, and iron badges.


Metal badge original embryo is the first step used to make baking lacquer badge, soft enamel badge, epoxy badge, printed badge, convex and concave badge, metal badge

The paint or soft enamel process is then processed into a beautifully colored badge. The metal badge has a strong sense of three-dimensionality and a variety of patterns. It is the most used badge in the high-end users. The uncolored metal badge has a shorter process period in making into a convex and concave pattern, which is suitable for the production of large-scale badges.


Preservation method

The general badges are made of metal and are easily oxidized in the air. Therefore, you should choose a box that is sealed but transparent.

1. Place the metal pin badge in a dry place. If it is in a sealed container, put a desiccant and oxygen scavenger inside. You can also wrap the badge with cling film to isolate air and moisture.

2. Find an opaque box with some bamboo charcoal or other dehumidifiers underneath, and then separate it with a layer of plastic foam.


3. Apply wax to the badge to isolate it from the air. Cut plastic bags, socks bags according to the size of the badge, and seal it with a sealing machine.

4. Find a piece of flannel to wrap the plastic foam with the corners faced with the bottom, and fix it with a thumbtack, so that the bottom plate is ready. The badge can also be placed on the flannel, which can be kept safe and beautiful. This method does not affect the appreciation, but also makes the badge isolated from the harmful gases outside, and avoids direct contact with the badge.

1.  If the metal badge gets dirty, wipe off the dirt on the surface. As for stubborn dirt, it is necessary to use a cleaning agent to clean it. If the surface of the badge is embroidered, use a rust preventive to clean it with a toothbrush until the rust is not available. Under normal circumstances, metal badges have obvious rust conditions, we need a large area of rinsing agent for rinsing.

2. To prevent rust, spraying wax is to spray a layer of wax protective film on the metal surface to isolate the metal surface from moisture, so as to achieve the purpose of rust prevention. This method is simple to use and requires hot water cleaning when it is removed. It is an environmentally friendly disposable rust preventive material.

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