Investment Principle of Commemorative Coins
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Investment Principle of Commemorative Coins

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  Investment Principle of Commemorative Coins

There is a saying in the coin market, speculators are better than those at home. This is actually a long-term investment. This long-term investment method is the most suitable for ordinary investors. As an alternative investment product, circulated commemorative coins also have some investment value. Ordinary coin investment collectors should follow the following five principles when investing.

1. The Currency with Less Circulation Is Better.

The collection of coins has always been rare, and the amount of circulation is the primary factor determining whether a certain product has investment value. Judging from the price trend of most of the custom commemorative coins in these years, the varieties with less investment in circulation are relatively better than those with more investments.

2. Special Animal Commemorative Coins Are Superior.

The release of special animal commemorative coins began from the release of the "Panda" commemorative coin in June 1993 and the release of the "Chinese sturgeon" commemorative coin in August 1999. During this period, a total of 10 sets of special animal commemorative coins were issued, with a face value of 5 yuan and a material of copper alloy, with a circulation of 6 million pieces each.

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Among the more than 60 sets of circulation commemorative coins issued, special animal commemorative coins have become an independent sector to stand out. In the long run, special animal commemorative coins have attracted much attention due to their low quantity, good variety and low market price.

3. The Series Theme "Leading" Currency Is Better.

Since the circulation of the circulation commemorative coins, many series of themes have been formed. Generally, each series has a "faucet" variety. For example, the "Panda" commemorative coin in the rare animal series, the "New Year's Sheep" commemorative coin in the zodiac series.

The "leading" currency is a strong variety in the currency market and is favored by the coin-collecting investors, and the "leading" currency often acts as the leader of each sector and is stronger than the market. When the currency market is weak, the "leading" currency is much more resilient than the post-currency in the series.

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4. Single Set of Currency Is Better.

Most of the circulation commemorative coins are single sets, but there are also many sets of coins. In the coin market, because of the large number of varieties, many varieties are often not welcomed by ordinary investors like a single set of currencies. The volume and market price of multiple sets of currencies in the currency market are generally lower than the single set of currencies.

5. Volume Commemorative Coins Are Better.

The circulation commemorative coins are generally 50 pieces for one roll and 10 rolls for one box. In the coin transaction, a few scattered coins are not valued by the coin investors because of the low market value. The volume of the roll and the boxed currency is obviously better than the sporadic currency, and the market delivery is also very convenient, and the quality of the roll of commemorative coins is generally much better than the sporadic commemorative coins. Investors are advised to carefully check the seals and seals when purchasing uncirculated circulation commemorative coins.

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