Introduction to Ribbon
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Introduction to Ribbon

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Introduction to Ribbon

Ribbon is a kind of exquisite ornament made by hand. Ribbons of different colors represent different meanings. Even though different ribbons are flying in the same sky, they all convey our same love and blessing. Custom ribbon with logo is a good promotional gift

1. Ribbon Introduction

Ribbon is a strip of flexible material, usually made of cloth material, but it can also be made of plastic or metal material. Ribbon is commonly used to bind objects together. people also use fabric ribbons in hair, body, even pets or buildings. Ribbon is also used as decoration for wrapping gifts, box with ribbon will be more formal thana gift bag.


 2. Pink Ribbon

Pink represents the breast cancer prevention campaign. Pink generally represents femininity. Pink ribbons are used to show concern for breast cancer patients and to prevent breast cancer. The campaign "Wearing Pink Ribbon for Breast Cancer Prevention" started in the United States in 1992. Currently, 40 countries are promoting it at the same time. Fourteen countries and Taiwan have designated October as breast cancer prevention month each year.

3. Yellow Ribbon

Yellow ribbon represents safe return, acceptance, care and assistance. On October 14, 1971, the New York Post published a novel: a silent man sat on the coach and finally opened his mouth under the questioning of the young tourists in the same car. It turned out that he had just come out of prison and had written to his wife before his release: if she had another destination, he would not blame her. if she still loved him and wanted him to go back, she would tie a yellow ribbon on the old oak tree at the entrance of the town. if there was no yellow ribbon, he would go with the car and never disturb her ... the car was nearing its destination. from a distance, dozens of yellow ribbons were hung on the old oak tree at the entrance of the town, and the passengers cheered. This touching story was made into a song, and along with the song, the story spread all over the world. The yellow ribbon has also become a symbol of "welcoming prisoners to freedom" in the United States.

4. Red Ribbon

The red ribbon symbolizes hope and is mainly aimed at AIDS propaganda volunteers. The red ribbon symbolizes our care and support for AIDS patients and infected persons, our love for life and our desire for peace, and our "heart" to participate in and prevent AIDS. "Join hands with children and adolescents to fight AIDS" global campaign has its own unique logo-eye-catching red and blue ribbons. UNICEF officials who are committed to the campaign said that half of the red ribbons were changed to blue, reminding people that half of the new HIV infections worldwide are young people.

red ribbon

5. Green Ribbon

Green ribbon symbolizes love. Green represents health and makes people full of infinite hope for a healthy life and vitality of life. Green ribbon symbolizes love, which is not only an expression of the understanding and love of the society and the public for the mentally ill, but also an action sign to support mental health work and continuously improve one's mental health and create a harmonious society. Lightly fluttering green ribbon symbolizes happiness and pleasant mood, which is the source of our endless efforts to realize the value of life and create a good life. "Floating Green Ribbon" expresses the support of the society and the public for mental health work, care for the mentally ill, and concern for their own mental health. The "fluttering green ribbon" reflects the continuous efforts of the society, the public and mental health workers to improve the national mental health level. It shows that normal people who take part in clarity walk with the mentally ill and actively create a suitable environment for the mentally ill to return to society. It shows that the majority of psychiatric medical personnel go with mental patients and help patients to realize their unremitting pursuit of life with scientific spirit and service.

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