Introduction on FINA World Championships
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Introduction on FINA World Championships

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Introduction on FINA World Championships


The FINA World Championships is the highest level of international swimming competition hosted by the FINA. The first World Swimming Championships was held in 1973. The number of years between 1978 and 1998 has changed frequently. Since 2001, it has resumed every two years.


International Swimming Federation is called FINA for short. In 1908, it was initiated by Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Britain, Hungary and Sweden. There are 209 members in the existing association. FINA is a member of General Association of International Sports Federations. The official language is English and French.

From the first Olympic Games in 1896, swimming was the competition for the Olympic Games. FINA's mission is to determine the rules for swimming, diving, water polo and synchronized swimming in the Olympics and other international competitions, review and confirm world records, and guide swimming competitions in the Olympics.

swimming competition

The FINA’s organizational system consists of the Congress, the Technical Congress, the Office, the Standing Committee, the Special Committee and the Arbitration Tribunal. The Congress is its highest authority and has the power to make decisions on any matter other than the authority of the Technical Congress, it is held every four years. An association member can appoint two representatives with 2 votes. The Congress listens to reports from Executive Board and Treasurer, revises the Bylaws and Rules, and elects the Executive Board and its officials.

The Technical Congress has the power to make decisions on all technical issues related to swimming, diving, water polo, and synchronized swimming competitions. It has the right to decide the technical rules of FINA. It is also held every four years. One association can appoint two representatives to the meeting.

swimming competition

The Executive Board consists of the President of the FINA, five Vice-Chairmen, the Secretary, the Treasurer and 14 members. They are elected every four years. The current president of FINA is the Algerian Mustapha Larfaoui, the treasurer is Julio Cesar Maglione, and the secretary general is Bartolo Consolo.

FINA has the following special committees to deal with professional issues in different fields: Swimming Technical Committee, Open Water Swimming Technical Committee, Diving Technical Committee, Water Polo Technical Committee, Synchronized Swimming Technical Committee, Veteran Committee and Medical Committee. The Executive Board may also establish various special committees as needed.

The FINA has an information centre that provides timely information on FINA, Confederate Swimming Union and members of the Association.

In addition to the Olympic swimming competition, the FINA also hosted the World Championships (beginning in 1973), the World Cup (beginning in 1979), the World Short-Team Championship (beginning in 1993), the Diving Grand Prix (beginning in 1994). Add fancy diving (beginning in 1994) in the diving World Cup, and add Junior Women's Water Polo Tournament in the World Water Polo Championships (beginning in 1995).

Competition events

The competition events of FINA World Championships can be generally divided into diving, swimming, Open water swimming, Synchronized Swimming, water polo and High diving.

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