Introduction of Tie
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Introduction of Tie

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Introduction of Tie

The tie is an ornament on the collar of the upper clothing, it is tied to the collar of the shirt and knotted on the chest. It is often used in conjunction with suits and it is the most basic decoration for people especially men and for everyday life. In social etiquette, you should wear a tie when you wear a suit, and the length should be to the belt buckle. If you wear a vest or sweater, the tie should be placed behind them, and the tie clip is generally sandwiched between the shirt's fourth five buttons.

Classification of Tie 

There are four kinds of ties.

1. Administrative Series

Designed for white-collar workers, the pattern is based on eternal dots, twill, and lattice. The materials are exquisite, with elegant and generous advantages.

Administrative Series

2. Evening Series

The series pays special attention to the fluorescent effect on the tie. On the background of the dark tie, there are the lines of the latitude and longitude and the shining stars.

3. Leisure Series

Easy and casual, the decoration of the leisure ties covers the ceremonial needs. Therefore, cartoon dolls, flowers and figures also appear on the tie, specifically for matching with T-shirts and casual suits.

4. Trendy Series

Exaggerated colors and grotesque patterns reveal that the series has ignored the judgment and the series is pursued by avant-garde people. Purple red, indigo, and tile yellow are the typical colors. It is specially prepared for men who wear exotic clothes and wear accessories.

Cloth of Tie

1. Fabric Classification

Ties can generally be divided into yarn-dyed silk ties, printed silk ties, yarn-dyed fiber ties and printed fiber ties. With the advent of new products, there are also some wool and silk tie, or 50% silk and 50% polyester tie, but these kinds are less than conventional fabric tie. The so-called South Korean silk is polyester yarn. This is just the name called by some domestic merchants. In the foreign trade export, the South Korean silk is 100% polyester. Custom 100% silk tie is expensive but exquisite.

tie for men

2. Lining Classification

The lining of the tie can be divided into 4 categories according to the composition, polyester lining, pomelo silk lining, wool lining, polyester blend added wool or pomelo silk. Originally, the tie should be all lining with polyester thread, which is durable and suitable for the characteristics of the tie. The pomelo lining and wool lining are basically used for exporting to the United States. Due to the quota system at the time, the ties exported to the United States must be lined with natural raw materials such as pomelo lining and wool. After the quota was abolished, American customers still use pomelo lining and wool lining. The hand feel is soft, this is the characteristics of pomelo lining, wool lining tie, but for domestic consumers, in fact, polyester lining tie is more suitable. Pomelo lining, wool-lined ties are easily deformed. Because the consumption level in the United States is higher than that in China, they usually buy a dozen of ties for one time, and each tie is worn for no more than 5 times.

3. Raw Material Identification

Handmade silk tie and polyester ties have been improved by post-processing techniques, and some can’t be identified by touch or appearance. Therefore, the way of distinguishing between these two is burning with fire. Generally, you can pull out a little fabric inside the tie head suture and use a lighter to burn it. When it contacts with the flame, it is the polyester filament that is formed into a hard block and it is the silk that turns into powder. This is a relatively simple and commonly used method. Note that you can only burn the thread, it is not good to burn the tie.

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