Introduction of Name Badges and School ID Card
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Introduction of Name Badges and School ID Card

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Introduction of Name Badges and School ID Card

School ID card is a clear sign of the identity of students. It is admitted that wearing the school card can be a convenient way to help the management of school students. When entering the school, only students wear the school ID card can be allowed to access to the school. 

The Rules of Wearing School ID Card

First of all, the school badge shall be worn on the left chest, and it needs to be worn on the outermost clothes. It can not be hung on the chain, belt, collar, hood rope and so on. In addition, there must be a picture of the student on school card. Also, students are not allowed to scribble on the picture without authorization. and president can also wear a presidential lapel pin

In addition to physical activities or other teaching activities, bedtime, bath and other life needs, students must wear the school card in the school. What’s more, the school card can not be hidden in the pocket.

Last but not least, when entering the school gate, students need to wear the custom id badge

name badge

The Effect of Wearing the School Card

Wearing the school ID card is beneficial for both students and school, which can standardize the behavior of students and improve the level of school management. As a result, it can improve the student image. 

The Name Badge

The name badges come into existence as ornaments on clothes, which are usually made of strips of cloth. And the name of owner will be marked on the name badge. In the uniform of type 07 of our country, the name badges are added to the officer's clothes, and soldiers need to wear their name badges on the right chest. What’s more, the length of time and way of wearing the custom id badge will be determined according to the category of clothing. 

name badge

The Classification of the Name Badges

The custom name badge is divided into two main types. One is metal incognito and the other type of the name badge is soft incognito. The name badge made of metal is rectangular, and the background color of this type is dark blue. Also, it has the silver font, and each word on the name badge is marked with the corresponding pinyin. In addition, the main material of this kind of name badge is zinc alloy, mainly used for officers in spring uniform and military dress. Soft incognito is made by computer embroidery, and the background color is based on the color of the services. More interestingly, the name on it is gold and it uses the same typeface of metal incognito. Soft incognito is mainly used for summer wear. 

The Relevant Knowledge of the Name Badge

The name badge of the PLA is written in regular script, and the name badge of the armed police force is written in official script. When the nameplate is worn on the right chest, the soldier should put two screws through the marking point or hole of the name badge and fix the screws with a nut. When wearing it on the left chest, the lower edge is located at the center position which is 3mm above the pocket on the left chest designed for the summer uniforms, and the custom id badge should also be fixed with screws.

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