How to Wear the Badge Correctly
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How to Wear the Badge Correctly

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How to Wear the Badge Correctly

Badge is a mark worn on the body to express identity, occupation, and honor.


A variety of materials can be used to make badge, metal has a beautiful color, is a high-grade choice of badges, followed by silver, copper, stainless steel, iron, etc., these materials are more economical, and plastic, acrylic Non-metallic materials, plexiglass and PVC soft rubber can also be used to make badges. The badges of non-metallic materials have the characteristics of proofing water, so they are widely used in daily life.

Metal badges are the most frequently used materials in the process of making badges. Which are made of metal materials such as copper, iron and zinc alloys. In addition to the different characteristics of different metals, it will be made according to the color and matches of different metals.


In recent years, the value of badge collection has become more and more prominent. Especially the badges and medals made of metal materials, they have become the mainstream of badge production, such as enamel badges and imitation badges, as well as the paint badges. And the cost-effective metal badge made of iron, these are the main choices of customers. 

We often see participants of a meeting  wearing a conference badge on the chest, or some students wearing a cartoon badge on the chest. In fact, there are some tips for wearing a badge correctly. A badge that is properly worn not only reflects your identification, but also reflects your etiquette image.

To a certain extent, lapel pin badges are a sign of identity. People with different occupations and different social status will wear different badges, which represent different professional images.  A men with mens gold lapel pin is exquisite, a women with womens lapel pin is fashionable.


The badges are usually worn on the left chest, but for example, some conference badges are worn on the collar of the suit, while the armbands and collars have a relatively fixed position.


Size of badge

When wearing the badge, pay attention to the size and weight of the badge. If the badge is large and heavy, it is required to increase a thorn needle to prevent the badge from falling. Some small sun badge and lightweight badges can be equipped with magnet stickers, which also can prevent clothes from getting pinholes. Don’t forget to pay attention to the color of the clothes when wearing the badge, because a proper badge will add much charm. Pregnant women and children should use magnetic stickers when wearing badges to avoid stabbing the skin.


In addition, different situations require different size and shape of badges, sometimes you can choose the correct wearing position according to your dress. For example, when attending a meeting, a set of suit is necessary, you can wear the badge on the collar. when wearing casual clothes to hang out, you can choose a larger badge. If the badge you choose is not very heavy and you don't want to puncture a hole in your clothes, you can choose a magnetic badge.

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