How to Maintain and Match Keychain?
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How to Maintain and Match Keychain?

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How to Maintain and Match Keychain?

Keychain maintenance

1. The pendant on the key ring should not be too much.

2. Store in a paper box and line it with moisture-proof paper.

3. prevent crystal and wooden keychains from rubbing and bumping with hard objects.

4. PVC, ABS and other materials of the key chain can be cleaned with cotton cloth stained with alcohol.

5. The custom keychains metal should be wiped dry immediately after it is wetted to avoid rust.

6. avoid contacting with mercury, lead, bleach, perfume, lotion, etc., they will make the key ring corrode.

Mistakes in the purchasing keychain

1. The more the keychain function, the better.

The most common function of the keychain is to organize the keys for easy carrying and use. If there are too many other functions, it will affect the quality of the keychain, or the volume will become larger and inconvenient to carry and use.

custom keychain

2. only pay attention to beauty, do not pay attention to materials.

In particular, metal keychains are prone to cause harm to human body. Make sure that the materials meet the national standards when purchasing. 

Match of keychain

Cartoon keychain

Every girl is obsessed with cartoon keychains. Those mini mirrors, small strawberries, SpongeBob keychain ,Rubber Duck keychain, butterfly keychain and sailormoon keychain can all evoke memories of our childhood. Their price ranges from cheaper than a hundred yuan to several hundred yuan. You can choose a string of pendant keychains, or you can choose different pendants and combine them into your unique keychain. If it’s a gift for friend and family, you can choose designer styles, such as Kate Spade, Marc by Marc Jacobs, Dsquared2, Juicy Couture, ford keychain etc., all of which produce some cute keychain as a small luxury, both stylish and upscale.

Hairy keychain

Fendi's little monster fur keychain is popular in fashion world. It can be used not only as a key chain, but also as a decoration hung on a handbag to add elegance and playfulness! Of course, if you can’t afford the price of thousands of dollars, just choose the same gorgeous artificial fur keychain. As long as the hair is fluffy, the color is bright, the style is novel.

custom keychain

Metal keychain

The metal keychain is simple, especially the custom metal keychain, whether it is gold brass or gold-plated style, it is very high-end and generous. It's practical and shiny, you can hang it on your handbag, or you can mix it with other rivets, crosses, skull, etc., and combine it into your punk style keychain. Of course, it is also a novel way of hanging it around your waist and mix with other chain belts or accessories.

Private custom keychain

Today, with advanced technology, everything can be customized. Some female friends pursue the ultimate personality trend, so private customization is their favorite. Therefore, the private custom keychain is a very good choice. Under normal circumstances, the private custom keychain generally has the following categories. :

The cartoon image of a real person, a photo or cartoon image of a star, some printed characters on a keychain.

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