How to Maintain and Clean Silk Ties?
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How to Maintain and Clean Silk Ties?

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How to Maintain and Clean Silk Ties?

In the business society, every man needs a tie. Among the ties, the tie silk for men is the most delicate and low-key luxury so that many people really like silk ties. The question that comes with it is how to maintain the silk tie? How to clean it? Let me introduce some methods. 

1. Daily Maintenance of Silk Tie

Tie silk fabric are mostly made of natural silk and rayon. It is easy to deform when used several times. At this time, special care should be taken. Medium and low-grade fiber ties are poor in color, and their patterns and colors are also easily stained by interweaving and interlacing due to washing or soaking. Therefore, after mens clothing silk tie is used, it should be hung on the hanger immediately, so that it can naturally evaporate the sweat under the condition of ventilation. It is best to clean the entire tie and send it to the laundry for dry cleaning. Do not throw it into the washing machine. Ties with partial stains can be washed carefully or wiped with oil, then dry naturally or iron.

2. The Storage of Silk tie

If you don't use a handmade silk tie for a short period of time, roll it loosely into a roll, place it in the drawer of the closet, and put a paper bag of mothballs next to it. 

3. Tie Cleaning

After using the 100% silk tie for a period of time, it is easy to get dirty. It must not be washed by the hand or washed in the washing machine. It should be sent to the dry cleaner and cleaned by a professional laundryman, otherwise it will fade and shrink, and become crumpled. If it is not very dirty, you can do it yourself. There are two ways. One is the wet wash method. Place the tie on a paper template, scrub with a soft brush or foam dipped in a slightly diluted detergent, then wipe off the foam with a dry towel and scrub with a clean, damp towel. The second is the dry clean method. Put a little petrol on a soft brush. Brush the stain on the latitude and longitude of the tie fabric. Wait until the gasoline smell is volatilized, then wipe it with a clean wet towel several times.

tie for men

4. Tie Drying

When drying, use a thin sponge to cover the jaws to avoid the shape changing and wrinkles of the silk fabric.

5. Ironing of Silk Tie

After the tie is cleaned, put a curled paper stick on the sides of the inside of the tie so that the edges will not be ironed to the dead pleats. A piece of fabric will be placed on the tie, iron it around with an electric iron, and at the same time, control the temperature and speed of the ironing. Usually silk, chemical fiber and blended fabrics need to be ironed below 150 degrees Celsius, wool fabric ironing temperature is controlled below 180 degrees Celsius, but the tie should be ironed at low and medium temperature, about 70 degrees Celsius. The wool tie needs to be padded with white cloth and ironed with steam. The silk tie can speed up the ironing in order to prevent the occurrence of aurora and hot spots when ironing.

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