How to Choose a Keychain
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How to Choose a Keychain

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How to Choose a Keychain

The keychain can integrate keys, it is portable and not easy to lose, and the detachable key ring can be hung on the bag as a decoration, which is fashionable and beautiful.

Keychain purchase basis

1. Keychain material: zinc alloy, copper, stainless steel, etc.

a) Zinc alloy: smooth surface, high strength and good wear resistance.

b) Copper key ring: strong corrosion resistance, easy to be processed, it is bacteriostatic with high weldability and strong interface, high platability, not easy to fade, no magnetic, but the copper ring will make the sensitive skin prone to be allergic.

c) Stainless steel: Corrosion-resistant, resistant to strong acid and strong alkali, no discoloration, no fading, no allergies, no deformation, is a green high-grade environmentally friendly material that does not cause any side effects or harm to the human body.

2. hanging material: ABS, PVC, acrylic, leather, artificial crystal and so on.

a) ABS: high strength, good toughness, easy to process, but not easy to be cleaned.

b) PVC: soft, long service life, no irritating to the skin, but easy to be dirty, the color is easy to become dull.

c) Acrylic: custom acrylic keychains are good toughness, not easy to be broken, with strong repairability, easy to clean with soft texture, no cold and biting feeling in winter, and is environmentally friendly.

d) Leather: personalized leather keychain needs to be sewn by thread, not strong enough, long-term use, easy to wear, and difficult to maintain.

e) Artificial crystal: beautiful and delicate, but easy to scratch and wear.


3. If you want to find your keychain easily, you can choose a large size plush keychain, but it occupies much space, and the plush drop ornament has the possibility of hair loss.

4. in addition to hanging keys, some keychains also have card pockets, which can be placed with bus cards.

5. If there are many keys, you can choose the multi-ring keychain with big o key ring to make the key uniform and clear.

6. If you only want to go out with your keychain, you can choose a product with a webbing bracelet, which is easy to hang on your wrist and is not easy to get lose.

Purchase skill

1. Smell the taste: no pungent odor such as chemical preparations.

2. visual inspection

a) The chain links are evenly shaped and arranged neatly.

b) The welding part is firm, no leakage welding, no obvious welding trace.


c) The metal material must have anti-corrosion, rust and discoloration processes such as electroplating and painting, and the surface of the finished custom keychains metal is required to have no burrs, no sharp edges, and no rust.

d) The wooden pendant keychain generally adopts a braided rope chain, which requires tightness, no looseness, no hook line, no yarn breakage.

3. fastener inspection: the screw should be fixed with interface.

4. Marking: including the tag and permanent mark, it should be complete, and the marked content is printed clearly.

a) Complete tag information: including trademark brand, price, material, product grade, execution standard, factory address, after-sales contact information, etc.

b) Complete permanent identification: there should be a brand LOGO on the product. custom logo keychains perform well in promotional gift for clients.


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