How to Choose a Graduation Souvenir?
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How to Choose a Graduation Souvenir?

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How to Choose a Graduation Souvenir?

Souvenirs are items that can carry commemorative meaning. Souvenirs are usually stored in kind for long-term preservation. In interpersonal communication, they can enhance the feelings and deepen the impression. The use of the chanting is quite extensive, such as commemorative people or events, conferences or special festivals, etc. There are also many products that can be used as souvenirs, such as custom id badge, collar pins, novelty cuff link, custom commemorative coins, etc. Every summer is known as the parting season, because many students have graduated, do you know how to choose souvenirs for graduates?  


A badge is a sign worn on the body to indicate identity, occupation, and honor. It has a long history and its origins can be traced back to the totems of the primitive social clan tribes. You can leave school mottos, student names, messages, etc. on the badge. The badges are easy to store and have collectible value. School badge with a custom badge holder is a good choice as a graduation gift.

Commemorative coin

Commemorative coins are coins issued in order to commemorate certain events, such as national political, historical, cultural and other major events, outstanding figures, historical sites, rare animals and plants, sports events, etc., which include ordinary commemorative coins and precious metal commemorative coins.

commemorative coins

Does it make sense to make a series of commemorative coins for graduate students? 

The custom commemorative gift given to graduates by Beijing Normal University is eight commemorative coins. Each commemorative coin is engraved with a word. The combination of the words on the commemorative coin is the motto of Beijing Normal University. Such a commemorative gift is to let graduates remember the school motto, to be a good teacher, and set an example for the growth of the majority of young people. 


Custom keychains with logo are a common item in life, The most popular focused keychain collections are advertising, souvenir, monument, popular characters and nostalgia-related items. We use the keychain as a graduation souvenir, carry it with us every day, and always remind us of everything in the school, just as we have not graduated yet.


Keychains don't hold their value as well as other collections, but the unique keychains with the school memory is priceless. 


The text can record the past, and the album can make the memory last. A book can record a lot of things and leave a lot of memories. As time goes by, we may forget something, but the album can preserve our pure university time. 

Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics is a famous science and engineering university in China. This year, the school specially created the "Silhouette Beihang" commemorative album for the 2017 graduates. The album uses the traditional paper-cut art of China, showing some iconic of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics. The building is also equipped with some text below, so that graduates can recall the bits and pieces that happen on campus.

What is the graduation gift that impressed you the most? Welcome to share your colorful student time with us.

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