How Should Cuff Link be Matched?
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How Should Cuff Link be Matched?

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How Should Cuff Link be Matched?

The usage of cuff link is obviously important in life. Generally speaking, shirt cuffs with cufflinks are called Musketeer cuffs or French cuffs. This kind of shirt with special cuffs is usually worn on formal occasions. Senior British executives, who focus on tailoring, also wear cuff-buttoned shirts to their offices.

Cuffs have become an important display part of shirts. Although cuff links are small, their styles are ever-changing. In addition to the traditional round and square shapes, there are also water droplets, threads, Chinese knots and other shapes. There are also totems, flags, Taiji, steering wheel, fruits, cartoons, zodiacs, constellations and other patterns. The style is elegant, witty, unruly and so on, so it has a lot of knowledge to match cuff links.

1. Cuff links should be matched according to the color of shirts and dresses.

2. Choose novelty cuff links of the same color as belt buckles and tie clips;

cuff link

3. Choose cuff links according to the style of the banquet.The first thing to talk about is when cuff links should be used. Strictly speaking, with formal suits, we should all wear French double-fold shirts and use cuff links. This particular emphasis is neglected by many articles introducing suits in China. Why should formal suits be matched with cufflinks? It is believed that shirt cuffs should slightly reveal the cuffs of a suit. This is a rule most suit wearers know. But why does such a rule exist? If we go back to history, it's not really a dress code, but the dress code of the shirt itself.

Colour matching of cuff links is crucial

Crystal glass cuff links are transparent and best matched with white shirts.

Red shirt with golden cuff links is gorgeous and fashionable.

Dark twill pink shirts with purple cuffs with twill gold rims create a romantic French gentleman style. Cross shirt with golden cuffs, it has a vibrant feeling, which adds a delicate and romantic to the tense and serious style of your successful people. Blue shirts with golden cuffs are powerful and convincing.

Black, white and grey shirts with silver cufflinks have a calm and noble effect. 

cuff link

When you are on different occasions, cuff should also change according to the situation. 

Cuff links color matching generally has a rule. Crystal glass cuff links are transparent and best matched with white shirts. Red shirts with golden cufflinks are gorgeous and fashionable. Black, white and grey shirts with Silver Cufflinks have a calm and noble effect.

If it's a suit, then the cuff buttons should be chilled as much as possible. Suits are usually commercial clothes. On leisure occasion, the color can be collocated more brightly. At the same time, some men in Europe will choose the color and style of cuff links according to their mood.In addition, the color of cufflinks will be different in different weather. At this time, we should pay attention to the overall dress color. For example, if the weather is gloomy, you should wear some brighter color cuff links on your cuffs. This can stimulate the emotions of the people around him, and ease the tension in work and life. 

Cuff links are usually made of precious gold, silver, crystal, diamond, gemstone and so on, so they are expensive.  Metal cuff links, silver cuff link, stone cuff link, leather cuff link are expensive but exquisite.

Cuff buttons are used on special cuff-buttoned shirts instead of cuff buttons. It's almost the same size as a regular button. Because of exquisite material and shape, more customization of style and personalized needs, it plays a very good role in decoration. Inadvertently, let men's original monotonous dress and suit scenery infinite.

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