Do you know the meaning of these school badges? (part two)
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Do you know the meaning of these school badges? (part two)

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Do you know the meaning of these school badges?

5. University of Science and Technology of China

The school badge of USTC is a "plum blossom". The pattern contains a rocket, an open book and a circular outline. Use dark blue as a base color.

(1) Plum blossom: It represents the spiritual character of the hard work of USTCers, the pursuit of true knowledge, perseverance and innovation.

(2) Rockets: The rockets that vacated represent the school's optimism and courage to shoulder the national scientific burden.

(3) opened book: representing a beautiful vision of the USRCers to study scientific knowledge hard.

(4) the contour of the outer circle: dignified and elegant and always live up to the international standards.

(5) dark blue main color: blue represents a low-key, sturdy and tolerant attitude. Science, rationality and profound culture are the symbols of the USRCers!

6. Shanghai Jiaotong University

The school badge of Shanghai Jiaotong University has also undergone a series of twists and turns. Since everyone has been fighting for the right to own a school badge, and finally Shanghai Jiaotong University and Xian University finally reached a agreement that  they shared a same badge in 2010.

The key elements of Jiaotong University's school badge are an anvil and a hammer. Several Chinese and Western books are placed on the anvil, which means that the engineering and liberal art are both essential. The founding year 1896 is at the bottom of the anvil. Outside of the anvil is a gear, and the outer frame is like a wheel. Both have the meaning of engineering and transportation.

The motto of Shanghai Jiaotong University is“when you drink water, never shall you forget its source; love your motherland and add credit to your alma mater”

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7. Zhejiang University

Located in a paradise on the earth, Zhejiang University can be traced back to the Qiuyi College, which was founded in 1897. It is one of the first new high schools founded by the Chinese . Under the leadership of Zhu Kezhen, Zhejiang University has emerged as one of the highest institutions in the Republic of China. British science historian Lee Joseph called it "Oriental Cambridge."

As for the school badge of Zhejiang University, the Chinese name and English name of the school are printed on the outermost layer, representing the determination of Zhejiang University to go global.

In the innermost part, printed an eagle that spreads its wings and flies. It represents the continuous learning mentality of students. The school badge also echoes to the motto “seeking the truth and pioneering new trails”.

8. Nanjing University

We can see that there are Chinese and English school names of Nanjing University, school establishment time and Jinling evil spirits, Nanjing city tree cedar, books and other patterns on the school badge, as well as the special colored shield on it.

The shape of the Nanjing University school badge is a shield-shaped design, this style was passed down from the Central University. The school badge is centered on the Nanjing tree - cedar, representing the persevering character of the NJUers. The word "1902" represents the time of founding NTU. On the top left and right, there is a Jinling evil spirit respectively, which symbolizes Nanjing.

The motto of NJU is “sincerity with aspiration, perseverance and integrity”. Lead the students be simple and honest, treat each other with sincerity, not kitsch, not inflammatory, and be self-satisfied and self-motivated.

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