Do you know the meaning of these school badges? (part one)
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Do you know the meaning of these school badges? (part one)

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Do you know the meaning of these school badges? 

The school badge is one of the symbols of a school. Its main purpose is to distinguish people, keep commemorative and introduce the subjects and discipline of the school through patterns and texts. At the same time, it also deepens the discipline of the wearer when wearing the custom id badge. It standardize student behavior, and raise the Reputation of the school. Following are some school badge introductions of Chinese famous university.

1. Peking University

The status of Peking University is self-evident in China. For a long time, the spirit of Peking University has given the students the most valuable personality of "free independence, inclusiveness". Peking University is a free and people-oriented university. This concept is also reflected thoroughly in the school badge.

The school badge of the Peking University was designed by Mr. Lu Xun in 1917. There are two words in the school badge, the word "North" above, and the word "Big" below. The appearance of "Northern" is two portraits standing sideways. The "Big " means a person standing on the front.

This also expresss the teachers’ hope that they will hold up the students and let the students “stand on the shoulders of the giants and be able to see further”.

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2. Tsinghua University

Tsinghua University's school badge is a round face made up of three purple concentric circles. The Chinese school name, English school name and the founding time are written on outer ring, school motto: thick Morality, self-improvement is printed in central, a five-pointed star is at the very center.

For more than 100 years, Tsinghua is famous for the school motto “thickness and self-improvement”.

3. The University of Hong Kong

The University of Hong Kong's school badge was based on the recommendations of the British Heraldic Institute and received the shield badge and school motto on May 14, 1913. Until now, nobody knows exactly who the designer is, but it can be determined that it is a foreigner.

Now we can see from the design of the badge that the founder’s expectations for the University of Hong Kong, undoubtedly, he hoped to develop the university into a Chinese-Western university. We saw that the school motto wrote the school motto: Wisdom and Virtue.

The phrase " Wisdom and Virtue " comes from the Confucian. The "Mingde" here refers to the promotion of virtue, the improvement of the inner morality, and then put ourselves in the place of another

Hong Kong was still in the British colonial period when founded. Even if it was a school badge designed by a foreigner, we can still feel the understanding and inheritance of Chinese culture. The University of Hong Kong now is a famous university at home and abroad.

4. Fudan University

As the “first school in Jiangnan”, Fudan University is a brand-name old school with more than 100 years history. Its school badge is also very distinctive.

Nowadays, almost all the souvenirs of Fudan University have such a striking circular sign - the middle of the circle is the words "Fudan" in the ancient Chinese text, and the school motto "Education and enthusiasm, asking and thinking" is on the top. 1905" means the year the school was established.

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