Do you know the meaning of these famous school badges?(part two)
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Do you know the meaning of these famous school badges?(part two)

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Do you know the meaning of these famous school badges?(part two)

5. Stanford University

The school badge of Stanford University is in round shape, representing the school's merits, academic success, and harmony. The bright red represents the blood and loyalty of the Stanford people, and also conveys the courage and conviction of continuously developing, aggressively climbing the peak of science and technology. 1891 was the school's founding time which highlighted the school's long history and culture, the three stars on both sides represent the brilliant achievements of the school.

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6. University of Chicago

The Latin original text on the school badge of the University of Chicago stands for "vita excolatur", which means enhance knowledge and enrich your life. There is also a phoenix reborn in the fire, which means that knowledge can make us reborn. The University of Chicago was once on the verge of bankruptcy, and the situation was very miserable. No one thought that such a small school that was on the verge of bankruptcy would have become a world university, but the people in the school did not give up, they still went around for the school, finally moved the oil tycoon to invest the school. That’s why the school can survive and develop into current scale. The spirit of never giving up is moving. The reason why the school badge has a reborn phoenix in the fire is to encourage the students of the school not to give up at any time.

7. MIT

The laborers next to the anvil in the school badge and the scholars who took the books symbolize the philosophy of education in the article "The Goals and Programs of the Polytechnics" written by William Barton Rogers and other founders of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1860. "For the sake of commercial interests, for the sake of culture itself, and for mass education, true cultural education should be well integrated with industrial research." The school motto written in Latin under the pedestal between the two "learn to use the brain and learn to use hands and a three-line word "science and technology" on the pedestal also reflect the combination of MIT's knowledge and practical science.

8. Duke University

Duke University, founded in 1838, is a private coeducational research university located in Durham, North Carolina, USA. Although the current school was founded in 1924, the history of Duke University can actually be traced back to Trinity College or earlier Brown School, which was founded in 1859. In the latest US college rankings, Duke is ranked 8th in the United States. Duke’s school motto is “pursuing knowledge and faith in religion”. Duke’s school motto comes from a hymn of the Wessian sect, the founder of John Wesley’s brother, Charles Wesley’s “sacred knowledge”.

9. University of Toronto

Like the school badges of other universities in Canada, the school badge of University of Toronto is also a shield-shaped pattern with animals, books and crown images. There is a big tree on the school badge. Below the crown are two open books and a beaver. A Latin motto is on the decoration, which means "to weather the storms of the years like a big tree."

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