Do you know the meaning of these famous school badges?(part one)
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Do you know the meaning of these famous school badges?(part one)

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Do you know the meaning of these famous school badges?

Sometimes we can understand the spirit of  a university by understanding the meaning of its school badge. Each school has its own unique school badge. Each university's school badge also has its own unique meaning. here are some of the famous American school badge with logo listed below. Let us take a look at it.

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1. Princeton University

Princeton University, known as the "cradle of thought in the United States," was founded in 1746 by the Presbyterian Church in order to train future pastors and public leaders. Princeton maintains a profound European education style. The purpose of the establishment emphasizes the training of students with a comprehensive quality of humanities and science. The school badge is composed of black and orange ,it is straight and symmetrical. There is an open book inside of the shield, which reads "Old Testament and New Testament" in Latin. A ribbon is beneath the shield a sentence in capital Latin reads: Under God's power she flourishes.

2. Harvard University

Harvard University has used "know God" as its goal of foundation. On the earliest Harvard school badge, there was a Latin word "truth", distributed in three books, surrounded by "the truth for Christ and the church." two books in the school badge were upturned and the other book was buckled down. The two open books symbolize the knowledge that God reveals to mankind, the book that is buckled symbolizes that human beings cannot fully grasp the truth of God. God has his mystery, and man should always be in awe of God. Today, school badge retains Ve-ri-tas, but all three books are upturned, and the Latin characters contain religion meaning disappear, showing that  some changes have taken place in religion. we can see the words of truth on Harvard's school badge.“Let every student be clearly taught and urged to think seriously: the ultimate goal of student’s life and learning is to know God, to know Jesus Christ, and to make every student take Christ as the foundation of all sound knowledge and learning.let every one secretly prays for the sake of equipping himself by knowing that the Lord is the source of wisdom and seek wisdom from God."

3. Yale University

The text on the books and ribbons of the Yale University badge is the school motto "Brightness and Truth", written in Hebrew and Latin respectively. Yale University is located in Connecticut, ten Methodist Christians (Calvin) founded the university in 1701. At the time, the three "Christian languages" of Hebrew, Greek and Latin were considered as classic languages. Yale had asked all students to study Hebrew and Greek. These two languages are still compulsory courses for Christian students today. The school is known for its law college, liberal arts college, music college and medical college.

4. Columbia University

In the middle of the Columbia University Shield School badge, there are three crowns and a cross in the crown. At that time, the Anglican Church was Christian, and the King was also the leader of the State Church. Columbia University was founded in 1754 and is known as the "King Academy." In the early days of the school, the Anglican Church had a great impact on the school. But Columbia is in downtown New York, the busiest metropolis in the world.

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