Do You Know the Difference between Chinese Embroidery and French Embroidery
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Do You Know the Difference between Chinese Embroidery and French Embroidery

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Do You Know the Difference between Chinese Embroidery and French Embroidery

Embroidery originated from human tattoos. After the rise of the textile industry, people began to embroider various patterns on their clothes to identify themselves. In around Warring States period, embroidery has become popular among civilians and has become a daily method of handcrafting. Embroidery is an ancient art in China. In the 17th century, the increasingly mature Chinese embroidery technology was introduced into France, which greatly promoted the development of french local embroidery industry and became a fashion.

When it comes to French embroidery, you may don’t know it very well, but you will not be unfamiliar with the haute douture costumes on the Chanel or Dior show stage every year. These costumes are full of gorgeous embroidery made by French embroidery technique. As an important part of European embroidery, French embroidery and Chinese embroidery are very different.

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Chinese embroidery absorbs many elements of Chinese painting during composition, both lively items such as flowers, birds and insects, and natural scenes such as lakes and mountains. When expressing the stereoscopic effect of the object, embroiderers will use more color to form gradient rendering, and will construct a layered pattern according to the color and luster of the thread. Although the whole patterns are on a same plane, you can see a lot of level changes beyond the plane.

French embroidery emphasizes the use of various materials to create a three-dimensional sense, such as a ribbon or a gemstone, which can be used as a material in French embroidery. If Chinese embroidery is a painting, then French embroidery is like a sculpture. In French embroidery, the most common ones are vines and flowers. When expressing flowers, French embroiderers choose to cut out petals or make embroidered pieces firstly, and then sewing them on the clothes so that the flowers stand on the plane. Causing a very realistic three-dimensional sense.

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Chinese Embroidery is divided into two types: silk embroidery and feather embroidery. It is to use a needle to puncture the thread or other fibers and yarns on the embroidery with a certain pattern and color, and to form a decorative fabric. The material are very common like silk yarn, fiber and yarn.

French embroidery will focus on creating a palatial effect, so many valuable materials will be used. Such as gold and silver thread, cut gems, rhinestones, etc. , which makes the garments made by French embroidery expensive. After all, not everyone can afford jewel-filled skirts. In ancient times, this embroidery technique was the privilege of royal family.

Nowadays, French embroiderer is no longer using so many expensive materials, they use some cheap substitutes instead. which can also create a magnificent effect, the styles of embroideries also have changed, more elegant works appeared. Because the beading is often used for sewing, the French embroidery needle is different from the general embroidery needle, and the crochet is generally used for single-sided embroidery.

In general, French embroidery is a needle and composition of art that is very worth learning. In fact, both Chinese embroidery and French embroidery a kind of art on the tip of the needle. Through long and repeated work, producing the beautiful embroideries we see now. But with the development of technology, many custom artificial embroidery has been replaced by machines, and few people are willing to engage in such boring work.

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