Do You Know any Good Cuff Links and Lapel Pins for Man?
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Do You Know any Good Cuff Links and Lapel Pins for Man?

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Do You Know any Good Cuff Links and Lapel Pins for Man?

Cuff links are more intimate than watches and some other jewelry for man. Because the viewer needs to be close enough to observe such a personal decoration. Cuff links are often seen as an arbiters of fashion, and people can tell your taste for fashion in detail. Do you know about cuff links?

If the dark semi-precious material is embedded in pure gold, it will convey a unique sense of luxury. In addition, such cuff links are also excellent for matching modern men's clothes with exquisite fabrics. The cuff links designed by Armenda, a jeweler from Texas, are quite different. For example, gold is embedded in a black drill, and Monk Intaglio's cuff links look like ancient treasures looted from the Spanish Armada. The black mother-of-pearl cuff links designed by Tateossian, a world-renowned jewelry manufacturer, combine with hand-made 18ct gold thread to show luxurious texture. The Gold Black sandalwood cuff links from LVMH Group Chaumet, the French national treasure hall jewelry and watch brand, are no longer sharp under the round and angular decoration. Trianon's leather cuff links, wrapped in sea-blue shark leather outside the golden club, cleverly echo the theme of retro. 

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Although a large proportion of men will deliberately avoid some jewelry with gorgeous gems, they do not exclude the presence of jewelry elements on some novelty cufflinks, especially those for certain occasions. 

Besides, as an ornament, lapel pin has been the choice of many fashion people. It is inserted in the shirt collar to ensure that the collar is stiff and has a strong decorative effect. Most of them are made of metal. Rectangular, circular and diamond shapes are common. In this era of pursuing individuality, plants and flowers, animal cartoons, punk shapes and all kinds of delicate pins emerge endlessly.The lapel pin dates back to Medieval Europe. The standard clothing for men in England at that time was a knee-length coat and trousers, with a cloak on the outside and a collar pin fixed. So the history of the lapel pin is largely related to the aristocratic dress. The mens lapel pin can also make your tie slightly arched to give a more three-dimensional outline. In addition to cuffs, towels and flower arrangements, if you want to make your suit or shirt different in shape, you can choose a necklace shirt. 

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Men need to adorn themselves with small ornaments, which can make a good impression on others. And you can wear a mens lapel pin with chain or men's flower lapel pin on the suit collar. It is small and delicate and can highlight the noble, elegant, mature, elegant quality of men. And different styles of lapel pin can bring you different personalities. Such a small embellishment is a perfect display of men's details. In addition, custom cuff links also play an important role. Its size and shape form a better platform for taste expression. In the present age of coexistence of taste and personality, choosing the right one can make a different self.

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