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Stamping/Casting Metal badges Customization

Stamping badges are high-grade badges made of metal materials stamped with metal dies and other badges. Casting badges are used in irregular or tangent designs. Because it can better deduce the corporate strategic brand image and establish the purpose of associations and groups, it has been widely loved.

Customization of hard enamel metal badges

Hard Enamel badge. That is to say, the emblem made by the method of enameling is the most advanced technology of emblem making. It is commonly used in the production of military, state organ badges and especially memorial, long-term preservation of badges, commemorative coins, medals and so on.
The Enamel Badge (also known as the cloisonne badge) belongs to the high-grade badge in the badge craft.

Printing Metal Emblem Customized

 Screen printing badges: mainly for simple graphics, less color, sometimes need to imitate the surface of the Enamel Badge using screen printing to overprint a variety of small pictures and texts.

 Offset Printing: For complex patterns and more colors, especially with gradient colors, such as tourist badges are most suitable for flat printing. The badges produced can perfectly reproduce scenic spots.

Customized soft enamel badges

Soft enamel badges are usually made of copper, iron, zinc alloy, etc. The surface of the badges has a distinct concave-convex feeling, good texture, suitable for the production of some high-grade badges.

 The surface of soft enamel can be coated with a transparent protective resin (epoxy). The surface of the soft enamel will be bright and smooth after adding epoxy. 

 Soft enamel badge has bright color, clear and bright lines, strong metal texture, and the price is a little cheaper than imitation enamel badge. It is the first choice for making medium and high-grade badge.

 Copper badges are widely used in company badges, middle and high-level badges of some teams, as well as some collection badges.
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