You Know What about Medal?
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You Know What about Medal?

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You Know What about Medal?

The medals are the certificates issued to the winners of various competitions. They are generally made of metal. The sports competitions generally can be divided into gold, silver and bronze medals corresponding to the first place, second place and third place.


The Olympics, Asian Games and individual world championships all award gold, silver and bronze medals to winners of the competition. However, a long time ago, the winner of the sports competition received a prize, which was a circle woven with olive tree laurel branches, namely the "laurel crown". In 1465, at a recreation event held in Zurich, Switzerland, the winner of the triple jump project was awarded a gold medal. This may be the first time that the winner has not been given the “laurel crown”. At the first Olympic Games held in 1895, the winners were also awarded with “laurel crown”.

It was not until 1907 that the IOC officially issued a resolution on the Olympics gold medals, Olympics silver medals and Olympics bronze medals  for the winners of the Olympic Games at the Executive Committee in The Hague, the Netherlands, which was implemented at the 4th London Olympics.

Olympic medal

Since the 8th Paris Olympic Games in 1924, the IOC has further made the following additional decision: In addition to awarding  sport medal of honor , the winners will also get certificates .

It was decided to make specific provisions on the design and production of gold, silver and bronze medals: the medals of the first, second and third place are not less than 60 mm in diameter and 3 mm in thickness. Among them, the first prize and the second prize medals are made of silver, the purity (silver content) is not less than 92.5%, and the surface of the first prize medal (gold medal) is plated with at least 6 grams of pure gold. These regulations have been in use since the 9th Amsterdam Olympics in 1928.


According to the shape, it can be divided into: medals, and award plate.

Common medal materials include aluminum, iron, zinc alloy, copper, gold, silver and other materials, less common is the medal made of stone, wood, resin, organic, or even several kinds. Typical example is: Beijing 2008 Olympic medal.

According to different process materials, it can be divided into: bronze, aluminum screen printing, stainless steel, titanium gold, sand gold, gold medal, gold plate, car paint, and flat printing.

According to the different usages, awards can be divided into: advanced individual medals, advanced collective medals, authorized medals, joining medals, membership medals and so on.



The meaning of the sports medals is to spread the spirit of sport games, transmit friendship, peace, personal achievements and glory, it also proves ones ability and display humanistic qualities and national charm of a country.

The origin of the Olympic medals is to encourage the athletes to make persistent efforts and achieve better results. It is also the best evidence for athletes to prove themselves.

The function of the company in awarding advanced medals is to commend individuals and teams. It is both an affirmation of employees' efforts and a embodiment of company's corporate culture.

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