What is Cuff Link?
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What is Cuff Link?

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What is Cuff Link?

The cuff links are used on special shirts which play the same role as button. The size of the cufflinks is almost the same as that of ordinary buttons. However, because of the exquisite material and shape, various styles and customization requirements, It plays a perfect role of decoration. Custom cuff link makes men's original monotonous dresses and suits become energetic.


Cuff link originated in ancient Greece. It should be one of the popular men's dressing art in Europe from the Gothic Renaissance to the Baroque period. For men who are tasteful, perhaps in addition to the ring, the cuff links are the smallest decoration. Because the material is mostly made of precious metals, some are also set with diamonds, gems, etc., so they have been put on the aristocratic aura since birth, and the cuff links have become the only one for people to measure men's tastes.

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Cuff link is mostly used in business occasions with suits, belonging to the accessories for business wear.

Novelty cuff link has become an important display part of the shirt since 1530 for the purpose of keeping out the cold. At that time, the sleeves were folded down (the French double-folded prototype), or another piece of cloth was attached, and then the rope was attached to the wrist (the rope was later developed into a close-fitting cuff of the cufflinks), so that front section of the cuff will expand like a flower, if matched with the color of different materials,the cuff will be more beautiful.

In the fashion of that time, it is unethical to hide such beautiful cuffs, so the cuffs will be arranged to reveal a few centimeters of the outer coat, so that the beautiful cuffs can be fully displayed. When the suit and the shirt came together, the wearing rule of the shirt was retained, and in the long run it became an important rule for wearing a suit. Since the cuffs are exposed to show the beautiful cuffs, is it necessary to show off the shirts of the modern shirts with ordinary buttons? Yes, only if you use cufflinks, it is necessary to show your suits at the cuffs and show you the beautiful custom cuff links of various styles.

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Office occasions: white shirts with transparent or dark blue cuff links, ties should be in dark blue or black, this match will create a sense of trust.

Competing occasions: dark blue thick striped shirt with metal cuff links, with tie in dark color, in order to create a convincing effect.

Party occasions: pink shirt with dark cuff links and oxford diagonal stripe tie for a relaxing, casual feel.

Happy occasions: pink shirt with metallic cuff links, tie with pink and purple two-color column can make you more energetic.

Important occasions: gray shirt with silver cuff links, matched with bright silver monochrome tie. This match makes you noble.



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