What Is Badge?
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What Is Badge?

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What Is Badge?

The badge, in short, is the mark worn on the body to express identity, occupation, and honor. It has a long history and its origins can be traced back to the totems of the primitive social tribes. The first record of badge was originated in China. "Warring States Policy, Qi Ceyi" records: "Qin deceived Han and Wei to attack Qi. Qi Wei Wang makes Zhang Zi lead troop and fight... Zhang Zi changed their badge in order to the mess Qin army." This is the earliest written record in China. But the badges referred to here are essentially different from the badges in the present. It actually refers to a flag.

The types of badges include: national emblem, party emblem, group emblem, team emblem, police emblem, military emblem, army emblem, navy emblem, air force emblem, urban tube emblem, forestry emblem, quarantine emblem, public security emblem, women's union emblem, hospital emblem, judicial emblem, Tax emblem, criminal police emblem, court emblem, procuratorate emblem, political association emblem, business emblem, people's mediation emblem, medal, sterling silver medal, medal and so on.


The mostly used badge craftsmanship are paint, imitate the enamel, and stamping.

1. Painted badge

The surface can be coated with a layer of transparent protective resin (Boli). This process is commonly called "drip" (because of the light refraction, the surface of the badge will be bright after the glue is applied). Painted badge will lose the sense of concavity after the resin is added, but it can protect the logo.

2. Imitation badge

The surface of the enamel imitation badge is flat, (compared with painted badges, in fact, the metal line on the surface of imitation badge is still slightly convex.) The lines on the surface of the badge can be gold-plated, silver-plated or plated by other metal colors, metal. A variety of enamel imitation pigments can be filled between the metal lines.

It’s craftsmanship is similar to the enamel badge. The difference is that the enamel pigments used in the badges are different (one uses true enamel pigment, and the other uses synthetic enamel pigment, imitation pigment).

Imitation badge is exquisite in craftsmanship, smooth and delicate.If you want a beautiful and upscale badge, then choose the imitation badge.

3. Stamping badge

Stamping badges are generally made of copper , zinc alloy, aluminum, iron, etc., which can also be called metal badges. Among them, the copper is the softest, it is the most suitable for making badges. So the copper pressure badge has the clearest line, the zinc alloy badge is the second, relatively, copper pressure badge is the most expensive. The surface of the stamping badge can be used for various plating effects, including gold plating, nickel plating, copper plating, bronze plating, and ancient silver plating. The concave part of the stamping badge can also be processed into a frosted effect.


4. Printed badges

Printed badges can be divided into screen printing and lithography. It is also called the Epoxy Badge, because the final step of the badge is to add a layer of transparent protective resin (Boli) to the surface of the badge. The materials used are mainly stainless steel and bronze.

Screen-printed badges are mainly for graphics and are less colored.

Slab printing aims at complex patterns, it has more colors, especially gradients

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