What Are the differences between Four Famous Embroideries
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What Are the differences between Four Famous Embroideries

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What Are the differences between Four Famous Embroideries

Su embroidery

From the view of appreciation, the main artistic features of Su embroidery can be summarized as following: mountains and rivers can be distinguished whether it’s far or near, the pavilion are all tall and spectacular, the vivid expression of the characters can be seen, the birds and flowers seem to be alive. The painting embroidery and portrait embroidery of Su embroidery are famous for their vivid artistic effects.

From the technique of embroidery, most of the embroideries mainly use trocar, and the stitches are hidden perfectly when embroidering. Embroiderers commonly used three or four different color lines of the same kind or adjacent colors, thus the pattern would be natural.

After a long period of accumulation, Su embroidery has developed into a complete art with rich kinds and various patterns, involving decorative paintings (such as oil painting series, Chinese painting series, water town series, flower series, greeting card series, pigeon series, vase series and so on). Practical supplies include clothing, handkerchiefs, scarves, greeting cards, etc. 

Yue embroidery

1. Diversified lines are used. In addition to the use of silk and wool thread, Yue embroidery also uses the line of Mao Yulou as a line and the horsetail velvet line.

2, Yue embroidery uses bright colors to form a strong contrast, giving a gorgeous effect.

3. In Yue embroidery, more gold threads are used as the outline of the embroidery pattern. The decorative patterns are full, and the common patterns include a hundred birds and phoenixes, marine fish and shrimps, and bergamot fruits.

4.Most of embroiderers are male, which is relatively rare, the embroidery covers a wide range, such as: quilt, pillowcase, mattress, shawl, headscarf, Taiwanese, embroidered clothing, shoes and hats, drama Clothing, etc., all of them are loved by consumers. 


Shu embroidery

Shu embroidery originated from the folks in western Sichuan. In the long-term development process, due to the influence of geographical environment, customs, culture and art, it gradually formed a unique style of rigorous and delicate, bright and flat, and mellow and bright. The selection of Shu embroidery works is rich, such as flowers and trees, birds and beasts, landscape fish and insects, portraits and so on. The needle method includes 122 kinds of 12 major types. The commonly used needle method includes fainting needle, needle placement, needle roller, needle cutting, needle mixing, needle needle, cover needle, etc.,

Xiang embroidery

The characteristics of Xiang embroidery include rigorous composition, bright colors,  rich in expressiveness, and through the rich color lines and ever-changing needles, the embroidered characters, animals, landscapes, flowers and birds have special artistic effects.

With the development of embroidery products and many innovations and reformations made by embroiderers, many traditions of Chinese painting have been transplanted into the embroidery. Embroiderers subtly integrate the traditional paintings, embroidery, poetry, calligraphy and Jinshi into one, thus forming the characteristics of basing on Chinese painting, rich stitches and color, full expressiveness of the stitching method, and finely marking the objects’ characteristics of the internal quality and the outer shape.

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