How to Protect Ourselves from Corona Virus? And how We Protect the Rights of Customers?
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How to Protect Ourselves from Corona Virus? And how We Protect the Rights of Customers?

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How to protect ourselves from corona virus?  And how we Protect the rights of customers?


Corona virus is called COVID-19.


It’s a fast spreading virus. It’s started in Dec, 2019. Now we have more than Twenty millions cases from the world.


The prevention of novel corona virus is briefly explained here. The prevention of novel corona virus is different for different groups of people. For ordinary people, the following are mainly from:


1、 It is to minimize going out;


2、 Do a good job in personal protection and hand hygiene. Wash hands with soap water after returning from public places, after coughing and covering mouth, and after defecating before meals;


3、 Keep good living habits, ventilate frequently, and spray with 75% alcohol;


4、 Appropriate exercise, balanced nutrition, once there is fever, cough, dry cough, these symptoms timely to medical institutions for treatment. For those who must go out or engage in employment, they must wear masks, especially for those who are engaged in high-risk groups, N95 masks must be the main one. If you need to travel far away, you need to know if there is any epidemic disease in this area.


We have been greatly influenced in international trade.

But we will not give up, and we keep positive active with this situation.


1, The workers are not come back on time.

We have confirmed with our customers firstly about longer production time before make the enamel pin orders. If need urgent order, we still try to meet the deadline.

(Because of the importance attached by the leaders, China has now resumed production, so the production time is normally right now.)


2, The shipping time and costs

As now many countries are locked, fewer flights for shipping, and high costs.

In this case, we have changed all the parcels into urgent order to meet the time needs of our customers as much as possible. And it's only charge the basic costs to customer to reduce customer pressure, truly win-win.


Hope the corona virus ends soon, we recover normal life.


Rules of washing hands

how to wash hand correctly

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