Do You Know the Embroidery Elements on the Clothes?
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Do You Know the Embroidery Elements on the Clothes?

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Do You Know the Embroidery Elements on the Clothes?

With the resurgence of the retro style, the Chinese style of unique personality has also intensified. When it comes to hot elements of fashion recently, embroidery must be one of them.

The embroidered pattern can be seen in all parts of costumes and various accessories. It can be seen as a small embellishment or a dominant floral pattern. Whatever, it is It is the most beautiful existence in the overall match.

We will introduce some clothes with embroidery elements in the following.

1. shirt + embroidery elements

As a versatile item, shirts are also popular among mature women in daily life, which give people a reliable feeling. Common shirt styles are in solid color or striped, but shirt with patch are special and eyecatching. No need to worry about outfit clashes on the street.

The color of the shirts should be light-colored if with embroidered elements, in order to highlight the delicate embroidery. As for the position of the embroidery, the embroidery on the shoulders can divert attention and avoid embarrassment.

2. Shirt skirt + embroidery elements

The shirt skirt is designed on the basis of shirt, the hem of shirt extends to a skirt style. A shirt skirt will be more flexible than a shirt, but the shirt collar design won’t be too casual. The embroidered elements are also more diversified in the shirt skirt, and can also appear in the pattern of floral skirts.

Embroideries not only fit in a big pattern that is eye-catching, but in delicate floral pattern. if they evenly distributed on the floral skirt, the three-dimensional sense will be much better than the printed floral, and even the simple style of the shirt skirt can also give a high-level feeling.

3. Skirt + embroidery elements

With the addition of embroidery elements, even a simplest short skirt will be vintage. The slightly fat girls usually worry that wearing a skirt will makes them look fat, but the exaggerated embroidery can divert attention, and fat girls can also try to wear it.

Embroidered skirts in dark color make people visually thinner in some degree. So fat girls can choose skirts in dark color matched with a light-colored shirt to make a comparison effect. Thin girls can choose a light-colored embroidered dress, which is especially cooling in the summer.


4. Long skirt dress + embroidery elements

The dresses that are attended for important occasions should be elegant, dignified and eyecatching enough, and the embroidery elements can meet these two points. When the style of the dress is not very skintight, the embroidery should also choose a large-scale color, which is more elegant.

It is a nice choice to use golden embroidery to embellish the dress. Light-colored dress with golden embroidery is simple and low-key. While dark-colored dresses with golden embroidery is high-key and eye-catching.


5. Cheongsam + embroidery elements

Chinese traditional dress cheongsam, is usually in the form of embroidery, the superposition of two elements of Chinese style makes the costume more classic. But now the machine replaces the handwork, making the hand embroidery more precious. The embroidery elements used in cheongsam are mostly simulated flowers that make the cheongsam more good-looking.

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